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Sleeping Like a Baby

Welcome to well-rested

Gentle sleep support to give your family 

the restful nights you all need to thrive.

Meet your Gentle Sleep Coach Lana Isakovic

Meet Your Sleep Coach

Hi, I'm Lana!

I'm a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant, a toddler mom and a passionate advocate of conscious parenting.

Our mental and physical health is the foundation of a fulfilling life and science agrees that this starts with sleep. As parents, we push ourselves to our limits for our little ones and become very resilient along the way, but we often forget to prioritise taking care of ourselves too! Without adequate sleep, our bodies, minds, relationships and work suffer, and so does our capacity to be the patient, responsive and consistent parents that our children need. 

As your sleep coach I will support and guide you every step of the way as you implement a gentle and tailored plan to get your little one sleeping independently through the night!

What my clients say

"I was feeling so exhausted and stuck and Lana gave me a very clear plan and so much support that I was finally able to commit. On night two he slept straight through. It turns out he's a much better sleeper than I thought!  "

- Evelina S.

"I co-slept with my daughter since she was a baby, and it felt so daunting to change anything and potentially lose even more sleep. I still can't believe she now sleeps 11 hours in her own crib and bedroom! Lana gave me the confidence boost I needed and I was happy to still be able to comfort her through the process."

- Lisa H.

"It was amazing to see how he responded once we changed up the routine, were consistent and communicated A LOT. We were so thankful to have Lana on call to help with different situations and give the reassurance we needed to trust the process so that he could happily sleep on his own."

-Ava & Frederik G.

Holistic & tailored
gentle sleep support

The Foundations of

Baby & Toddler Sleep

  • Understand how your child's temperament and developmental milestones impact sleep

  • Improve nights & naps in 1-2 weeks

  • Handle future sleep disruptions with confidence 

Custom Sleep

Plan & Schedule

1:1 Phone & Email Support

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