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Meet Lana

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant 

I owe my journey as a pediatric sleep consultant to my daughter, who suffered from reflux and woke throughout the night to feed, only to wake up in discomfort shortly after. I waited patiently for this 'phase' to be over yet even after her reflux subsided, her sleep issues continued. I spent hours learning about sleep tips and techniques that would support my child's emotional development until I realised that in my sleep-deprived state, I also needed to feel supported. 

Taking the step to work with a gentle sleep coach completely changed my outlook on sleep training and transformed my experience of motherhood. I was able to offer my little girl reassurance and comfort as she unlearned old sleeping habits, and I was finally consistent as I didn't need to think about the details and second-guess myself. With both of us sleeping peacefully on a predictable schedule, I instantly felt more proactive, playful, and attentive to her needs. I could see her independence flourishing as my confidence as a parent grew! 

Well-rested and so passionate about sharing this baby-led philosophy and supporting other exhausted parents, I completed my training as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant with the Cradle Coach Academy (APSC approved).


I strongly believe every family and child is unique, and my ambition is to take out the guesswork by guiding you through a tailored and holistic plan so you can experience the early years of parenthood with more presence, patience, and vitality – because they really do fly by!

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