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Working with Me

My approach is about 'teaching' your child healthy sleep habits rather than 'training,' which means you can support your child’s emotional response while allowing the space for change to happen. For this reason, I don't advocate for cry-it-out or the Ferber method. Instead, I offer solutions that allow you to respond to your child more frequently, gradually reducing your presence as your child adjusts to the new routine and strengthens their self-settling skills, so that we can maintain a positive association around sleep. 

Working together, we will find the right schedule and routines for your child and offer age-appropriate support as they gain confidence and learn self-soothing skills that they can use to settle back to sleep independently if they wake between sleep cycles.


As well as guiding you through an actionable, tailored plan, I explain the science and psychology of child sleep and development so that you can feel empowered and prepared to face any setbacks caused by separation anxiety, illness, travel and significant changes such as nursery, school, moving house, or the arrival of a new sibling.

I believe that every child and family is unique and working in a 1:1 capacity allows me to give each family the tools and attention you need to make your sleep journey empowering, and educational. I always strive to give the deep understanding, support and motivation parents need during the process of sleep teaching and this is often the difference between another half-hearted attempt and guaranteed success.


  • Most Popular

    Gentle Sleep Plan (age 5 months - 5 yrs)

    A customised 2-week sleep plan with 1:1 professional support
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Initial assessment and sleep pattern analysis
    • Customised 2 week sleep plan
    • 60-minute training call to discuss plan
    • 2 weeks of daily whatsapp support
    • 2 x 30-minute follow up calls
  • 1hr Custom Consultation

    Ideal for babies & toddlers with solid sleep skills who need a few adjustments to get back on track
    Valid for one week
    • 60 minute Zoom consultation
    • Written summary of advice & action plan
    • Progress check-in email
  • 7 Days Daily Whatsapp Support (Add on)

    Additional email support for parents currently following a plan or facing a sleep setback
    Valid for one week
    • 7 days of email/whatsapp support from your sleep consultant
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